Our facilities

In order to achieve the high quality that our consumers expect of us we have developed a unique production process, which combines traditional techniques with the latest technology.

However, merely selecting the best raw material is not enough.

COPESCO-SEFRISA´s seafood processing facility is one of the most modern in Spain. It incorporates refrigeration panels which allow the production rooms to be kept at a constant temperature.

The facility has two production lines, one for the salmon and one for the cod, which are totally separate from each other, while the raw material, production, and storage areas of each production line are also completely independent. The production lines eliminate waste products by means of an external circuit, which prevents the waste from advancing along the production line with the product that is being prepared. Our laboratory technicians carry out continuous quality controls at all stages of the process.

In addition, the facility has a catwalk and technical area which are separate from the production rooms. They allow enable visitors and maintenance personnel to see and access any part of the factory without having to enter the production rooms, thereby preventing any risk of contamination.