Types of salmon

Types of salmon

There are two large families of salmon. The first is the Atlantic or European salmon (Salmo salar), which is found in the waters of the Atlantic and the Baltic Sea, and in the rivers of France, Scotland, Norway and the north of Spain. The other variety is called the Pacific salmon, and its flesh is drier and pinker.

Atlantic or European salmon

Salar, or common salmon

It weighs around 7 kg, and lives in both the Atlantic Ocean and the European coast. It is highly-prized for its nutritional value and can reach a high price in the market.

Pacific salmon

Silver or Coho salmon

It can weigh up to 3.5 kilos. It is found in the northern zone of the Arctic Ocean and the American and Asian coasts of the Pacific. Its flesh is considered to be the best-tasting, second only to the Chinook salmon.

Chinook salmon

It can weigh up to 10 kg, and its flesh has the highest fat content of all the Pacific salmon. There are also some species in Europe, but their flesh is leaner. It is very rare.

Chum salmon

It is also found in European waters and is highly prized for its caviar: Chum caviar. It is found in the Arctic Ocean and the northern part of the Pacific.

Pink salmon

It weighs up to 2 kg, and is the smallest of all the different kinds of salmon. It lives in coastal areas of the Arctic Ocean.

Red salmon

It can measure up to 45 cm. It is the species that is most commonly consumed by people because of its tasty flesh. It is found in coastal areas close to Alaska and Oregon.