Characteristics of salmon

Characteristics of salmon


It has a long body which is covered with small, round, smooth-edged scales. It has a fleshy adipose fin between the dorsal and tail fins.

Minimum size

In the fishing grounds of the Cantabrian Sea and north-east of the Gulf of Cádiz it is set at 50 cm.


The colour of its skin is greyish-blue. The salmon´s body is covered with small scales with dark spots above the lateral line. Its flesh is a rosy-pink-colour, which becomes more pronounced when the salmon feeds mainly on crustaceans.

Length and weight

Adult salmon measure up to 1.5 m and weigh around 36 kg. The younger salmon slowly increase in weight while they are living in freshwater. When they are one year old they measure 50‐65 cm (1.5‐3.5 kilos), at two years old they measure 70‐90 cm (4‐8 kilos) and when they are three years old they measure 90‐105 cm (8‐13 kilos).