Types of cod

Types of cod

Dry salted cod

Dry cod, also known as traditional cod, is a dish that has special significance and is symbolic of celebration as it is a dish which is traditionally eaten on festive occasions and special times of the year, such as Easter, Lent and Christmas.

Desalted cod

Salted cod is one of the most typical foods in the diet of Mediterranean countries, and constitutes the main ingredient for a host of typical dishes. It is well known, however, that in many cases it has to be thoroughly desalted before being cooked. Traditionally the desalting has been carried out at home by soaking the cod in water from 24 to 48 hours, changing the water at regular intervals. The water the cod is submerged in has to be very cold to prevent the flesh of the cod from breaking open. If, even after all the changes of water, the cod still has too much salt it can be soaked again for two or three hours in cold milk, and garlic can also be placed on its skin.

Smoked cod

Smoked cod is a smoked product which is highly appreciated in modern cuisine, and is an essential ingredient in numerous recipes, such as salads, with toast, or as a filling with puff pastry or lasagne. It retains the nutritional characteristics of fresh cod, and is distinguished for its high protein content, which is much higher than that of food such as meat or eggs. Smoked cod has a low energy value, very few fats and helps lower cholesterol levels. It is also very versatile and can be combined with a wide range of other food, and used in both easy and elaborate recipes.

Frozen cod

Nutritionists recommend eating between 3 to 4 portions of fish a week. This has increased the consumption of frozen fish, including cod, which has become a popular choice thanks to its nutritional characteristics, appetising flavour, and ease of preparation. Frozen cod is a very versatile product which is particularly popular with young consumers because it is easy to prepare. However, neither its flavour nor its texture can match those of traditional cod.