Characteristics of cod

Characteristics of cod


Cod has an elongated robust body. It has three dorsal fins, two anal fins, a broom-shaped tail and a single small chin barbel.

Minimum size

The minimum landing size for cod in the North Sea is 30 cm, while in the Cantabrian Sea it is 35 cm.


Its pigmentation varies depending on the environment in which it lives. It is reddish in marine areas rich in seaweed, greenish in areas where there is abundant sea grass and light grey on sandy seabeds. Young cod usually have reddish mottling on their back and sides.

Length and weight

Cod is a medium-sized fish. It usually measures between 50 to 80 cm in length and weighs from 40 to 45 kilos, although some specimens have weighted up to 90 kilos and measured 1.8 metres long.